Pre-Procedure Preparation

Thank you for choosing the team at Animalius to look after your pet. Your pet has been referred to see our specialist surgery department. The following information will help explain how our hospital operates.  

If your pet has been scheduled for a procedure or surgery following their initial appointment, admission appointments for surgical patients is between 8am – 9am (unless advised otherwise). During your admission appointment our nurses will confirm the procedures your pet is undergoing and answer any questions you may have. Please refer to the information below for specific pre-admission requirements. 

If we are seeing your pet for an initial appointment, they also may be required to stay in hospital. The information provided below will help to answer any questions you may have.  

Fasting: It is essential that your pet has fasted prior to their appointment and on admission. No food should be given after 10pm the evening before coming into the hospital, including biscuits from other pets, treats or bones. For your pet’s safety and well-being this is very important, and we ask all family members to make an extra effort to ensure food is not available to your pet. The hospital provides a variety of pet food, and we take care to accommodate the needs of individual pets. If your pet has any special requirements (e.g. food allergies) please check before admission to see whether you need to bring their food with you. If your pet is diabetic, requires medication or is under 6 months of age, please contact us for tailored instructions.  

Water: Access to water can be available at all times prior to your pet’s appointment and/or surgery.  

Housing: Keep both cats and dogs indoors from the beginning of the fasting time. Cats should be provided with a litter tray and dogs must be supervised for toilet walks. Access to outdoors means possible access to food.  

Bathing and toileting: Please bath all dogs 2-3 days prior to their appointment or surgery (long coated dogs and pets with bandages are excluded). This will ensure that your pet is as clean as possible prior to having surgery, also keeping in mind they will not be able to be bathed afterwards until the sutures are removed. It is recommended that you treat your pet for fleas, this helps to keep your pet clean, reduce infections and blood loss. Please allow your pet to participate in their normal toileting routine the morning prior to coming in for their appointment or surgery, this will ensure they are more comfortable during their stay. 

Current Medications: Please bring any current medication, natural therapies and supplements your pet is receiving with you at the time of your appointment or admission and note when they were last given. If your pet is diabetic, please bring your pets insulin. If there has been a concern with previous sedation/medication be sure to inform us.  

Personal items: Please be aware that we don’t encourage bringing personal items such as bedding, toys and items of clothing as these may be lost, misplaced or damaged. Our hospital has plenty of bedding, including mattresses, for your pet’s comfort during their stay with us.  

Anaesthesia and Analgesia (Pain medications): At Animalius we have a team of Veterinary Anaesthesia specialists and hospital veterinarians who are dedicated to making sure that anaesthesia, sedation and analgesia (pain control) are delivered to the highest standards. All our patients are fully monitored throughout their procedure, but it is important to remember that any anaesthesia involves some risk to the patient. Our dedicated Anaesthesia staff take every precaution to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet.  

Phone Updates: Patient care is always our teams’ foremost priority. If your pet is admitted to hospital, you will be updated on their progress daily, unless otherwise agreed. Please be assured that we will always contact you immediately if there is important news to relay or an urgent development in your pet’s condition. You are also welcome to telephone to enquire about your pet’s condition and progress at any time during their stay, please understand that the veterinarian in charge of your pet may not be immediately available when you telephone but our team of Veterinary Nurses will be able to provide you with an update.  

Visiting Times: If your pet is in hospital for an extended stay, we encourage you to visit your pet as it may assist their recovery and help you and your family cope with their illness. However, we ask that you do not visit on the day of surgery as it may disrupt their rest and treatments. Please always telephone prior to ensure the timing of your visit is suitable.  

Collecting Your Pet: At discharge of your pet from hospital the nurse or veterinarian will go through your pet’s specific home care instructions and medication, you will also receive a copy of written discharge instructions. At the time of discharge, please remember to bring your dog’s lead and collar or cats carrier and make sure you fully understand the discharge instructions. If in any doubt, please ask a member of staff. A full report will be sent to your veterinarian outlining the details of any investigations and treatment that your pet has undergone.  

Post-Operative Care: This will depend on what your pet was hospitalised for, please follow the instructions provided by your Animalius care team specific to their condition. If your pet is discharged on the day of surgery or procedure requiring an anaesthetic, they will probably be a little sleepy. Please provide them with a quiet, warm area to rest, away from other pets or children and keep cats inside for the first 24-48 hours.  

Revisits: Post operative checks will depend on what your pet is being treated for. Revisit requirements will be discussed with you at the time of consultation or your pets discharge from hospital. If your pet has had surgery, they may require a revisit to assess their recovery, surgical site, remove stitches, change bandages as required and to make necessary changes to any medications your pet may be receiving.

If you have any concerns at any stage after your pet’s operation, please do not hesitate to contact us on (08) 6166 3770