Open up any computer in your practice that has an internet connection. If possible use Chrome as your web browser. Go to our website and click on ‘Keystone Login’ or enter this link in the address bar

Fill in all the details marked with asterisks and hit ‘create account’ at the bottom.
Indicate which department you’d like your study to be directed to.
DICOM files can be dropped into the first box ‘Drop images here’
Supplementary material e.g. blood results, clinical history, other reports can be added at ‘Drop attachments here’
Then scroll down and click “Next”

Is this your first time using our teleradiology service?
If you would like to send from your modality directly (i.e. directly from your xray machine, hit ‘learn more’). You will then see this:

Click on ‘Create new service’
Download the file – it may take a minute or two.
Click on the install button and follow the prompts.

Copy the details in blue into your modality. From your xray machine you should have the opportunity to send to Asteris Community.

Then, enter the patient details and clinical history, and follow the prompts.